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  • Dallas Furniture Bank is grateful to receive gently or lightly used basic household furniture items and home furnishing accessories.
Donate Money
  • DFB is sustained by the generosity of our donors. Your financial contributions greatly impact and improve the quality of life, self-esteem and chance of success for those individuals/families in need.
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  • Dallas Furniture Bank offers many opportunities for you to volunteer your time and make a difference in the community.

Partner Agency Application

ALL fields are required.

This application must be signed by the Executive Director/President/CEO

Contact Information

Agency Information

Is your agency a non-profit organization? Yes   No

Does your agency have a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status Yes   No
(please attach a copy of your exemption letter to this application - this is a required submission)

How is your organization classified?

Church/Parish/Synagogue/Faith-based Group
Social service/Human service agency
Community/Social Group

How many years has your agency provided service to the transitional homeless/crisis population?
0-2 years  3-5 years  5-10 years  10-20 years  over 20 years 

What is your agency/organization's total annual budget? $

What is the mission of your organization? (briefly state your mission and attach an agency brochure/flyer that describes your agency program (s) - this is a required submission

How do clients access your services?
Referral from other agency/resource

What is the primary service you offer your clients?

Food/Clothes Pantry
Domestic Violence Assistance
Mental Health Service
Individual or Family Counseling
Re-entry of Ex-offenders
Job Training
Case Management
Disaster Relief
Child Care

Do you have a structured case management program in place to assist clients with their various needs? Yes   No

If not, how do you currently determine, assist with and confirm your clients' needs? Please explain.

How will your organization specifically ensure that your client has a true need for furniture? Please explain.

Does your agency track your clients after they have received referral services from agencies like DFB? Yes   No

Do you currently have a direct furniture provision component built into your program service or does our organization operate a thrift store that provide furniture?
Yes   No

How many staff are employed by your organization?
Full-Time  Part-Time  Contract 

How many of those staff are licensed social workers or licensed counselors (approximate number)?

Approximately how many families/individuals do you see in a month that have need of furniture assistance?

Is your agency a group home? Yes   No

Does your agency receive HUD funding to provide housing assistance?
Yes   No

Does your HUD grant include funding for furniture provision?
Yes   No

If yes, how much? $

How many clients are expected to be served with this grant?

What is the grant period?

Name of Executive Director/President/CEO:


Please list the name of the person(s) who will serve as the liaison(s) for your agency with the DFB (each agency may select up to two liaisons). The liaisons will be responsible for making all referrals to DFB on behalf of your organization and will serve as the main contacts regarding communication between DFB and your agency.


Partner Agency Agreement

We have reviewed the DFB partnerr agency guidelines and wish to partner with the DFB for furniture service provision to our clients. We have answered all application questions truthfully and we agree to abide by the partner agency guidelines set forth by the DFB. We understand that the DFB will notify us in writing in regards to any changes, amendments or adjustments to these guidelines, at least 30 days prior to implementing the new guideline(s). Further, we understand that paid partnership fees are non-refundable unless the partner application is declined.

Executive Director/President/CEO:



Please don't forget to Fax the copies of the exemption letter and agency brochure to 972.466.0602 or Mail to P.O. Box 815788, Dallas, TX 75381-57888.